Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"Power Lunch" proves powerful in CASD

The truth is, we stole the idea for this event from the Central District of California...and we don't even feel a little bit guilty.  In fact, the Central District was very supportive of our desire to recreate their program here in the Southern District. And it was a HUGE success. On May, 8, 2014, 50 students from a local urban high school sat down to lunch with judges, prosecutors AND defenders to talk about the federal courts. They also talked about going to college and the law in general. The highlight of the event was a speech given by retired Magistrate Judge William McCurine about growing up in Chicago during segregation. The students were riveted as Judge McCurine discussed the choices he was making and the responsive decisions his parents made that changed his life. His emphasis on a good education, acknowleding a power (any power) greater than yourself, having a good work ethic and choosing friends who "give you wings instead of being anchors" made a lasting impression on everyone in the room. An added benefit of this Bench/Bar event was the opportunity for judges, prosecutors and defense counsel to meet outside the courtroom in an effort to promote a common goal...helping kids learn and mature into their best selves!

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