Monday, September 21, 2015

Spring and Summer in the So. District of California

Despite the school year winding down, April - August were still busy with community outreach programs in the Southern District of California.  23 different programs were held in those 5 months alone! Mock trials, jobs panels, CARE presentations, Marshals' presentations, Power Lunches and courtroom observations were all offered to give students in grades 3 - college an opportunity to learn more about the third branch of government.  Additionally, 25 teachers came for a professional development event. Many judges participated, allowing us to offer the variety and volume of programs need to engage and educate the nearly 1000 students visiting the court during that time period. The new school year offers more opportunities to engage students in civics. and we look forward eagerly to sharing our love of the law with the next 1000 students heading to the court this fall!