Friday, June 28, 2013

Bring a Child to Work Day

On June 26, 2013,the Southern District of California hosted its annual Bring a Child to Work Day.  65 children of court staff, Probation, Pretrial Services, Bankruptcy and the Clerk's Office visited the Court to learn what happens when mom and dad leave for work each day. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Latham welcomed the children to the District and gave them an overview of how the federal court system works. Deputy U.S. Marshal Joanne Boyd and her partner Ella taught the children about the life of an explosive sniffing canine and her handler. The younger children visited a courtroom and got to see a holding cell. The older children visited MCC and learned about life in a jail and had an opportunity to observe court proceedings.  Both groups participated in age appropriate mock trial proceedings presided over by District Judge Dana Sabraw, Bankruptcy Judge Margaret Mann and Magistrate Judge Barbara Major. It was a very fun, busy and educational day for all.

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