Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Federal Court in San Diego Welcomes Students

The United States District Court for the Southern District of California welcomed nearly 400 high school seniors to its annual Open Doors to Federal Courts program held March 20, 2013, in San Diego.  The objective is to bring high school students, teachers, judges, court staff, and lawyers together to enhance public knowledge and understanding of the federal court system. 

The district's annual event included a Legal Careers Panel; Credit Abuse Resistance Education (CARE) hosted by bankruptcy court judges; and a mock trial in which students participated in the various roles.

During the careers discussion, students heard from prosecution and defense attorneys who work within the federal system, as well as a probation officer, courtroom deputy, court reporter, interpreter and a deputy U.S. marshal. Each discussed their roles and responsibilities. Attorneys present also shared the education and experience they received in order to attain these positions.

Bankruptcy judges explained to students the ins and outs of using credit and how to wisely use credit cards. The goal of the CARE program is to prepare young people to intelligently manage their credit and to keep them from ever seeing the inside of a bankruptcy court.

The event culminated with students participating in a scripted mock trial presided over by judges of the Southern District. The trial explored the real life hazards of texting while driving, giving students a chance to discuss and debate the ramifications of this risky behavior. The day emphasized the importance of civic responsibility, good citizenship and impartiality to these young men and women preparing to leave highs school and enter the adult work force.


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